Last summer I designed the menu for Swallow East, a dockside restaurant in Montauk that opened with the philosophy of great food, great service, and great atmosphere. I told one of my bosses that I got paid in food credit for the job, and he said I was letting the profession down - not the first time I've heard that. I felt guilty for a minute and then thought of all the famous creatives over the years that have traded art and design for restaurant and bar tabs. The menu consists of new american small plates with such dishes as Butternut squash cappuccino soup, “mac & cheese” with orzo, peas, bacon and asiago cream sauce, or Black Angus sliders with tomato jam. YUMMM. Now can you see why I did it for food? emily anderson design montauk

emily anderson menu design restaurant montauk


emily anderson menu design montauk emilyanderson_swallow_montauk2_SM

Photos via: Swallow East