i love japan

I recently came back from a trip to Japan. The purpose of my trip was to snowboard the famous Hokkaido powder in Niseko and eat as much sushi as possible. The purpose of my trip was to investigate new technologies and latest fashion and design trends. Whatever you believe, Japan is an amazing country and I learnt and saw so much. My friend and I went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Hokkaido, Niseko, Sendai, and back to Tokyo. We stalked geishas in the Gion district, karaoke-ed until we were hoarse, skipped lines in Tokyo Disneyland, got chased by ski patrol for being out of bounds, lost our inhibitions and went naked in the onsen, recreated Lost In Translation scenes, ate sushi for breakfast at the famous Tsukiji fish market, played in arcades, had an embarrassing incident with a fancy toilet, tried to be quiet  in temples, saw cherry blossom bloom, rented bikes then got very lost, and ate way too many mcdonald’s fillet-o-fishes. Don’t worry I traveled with a lawyer. japanjapan1japan2japan3 japan4japan5 japan6japan7 japan8japan9 japan10japan11