Erbitux: Behind-The-Scenes

The boss and I have just come back from a beautifully sunny beach in the UK for a great photoshoot for our client Erbitux. (Erbitux is a drug for lung and head-and-neck cancer, read more about it here) It’s even more exciting as it was the first creative campaign out of our UK office. It was pretty easy to see what creative was going to win out, the Born Fighters campaign was conceived in the first round and stayed the course with little change to the look. With the help of my intern, I made a little video for the bosses presentation at the creative summit showing different rounds of creative we went through to get to the final campaign.I had always wanted the photos to be on the beach, so we had a sparse canvas for all the copy to sit on, so we sent our location scouts out on a mission – to find a coastal location that gave us four distinct hero shots. Photographer Sam Robinson and his wonderwoman producer/stylist Natasha Freeman were a great team who ensured everything ran smoothly and that Trip and I got the biggest catered lunch that the budget could stretch to.

Yep. Our client partner Nick took the note to bring wellies seriously even though it was a beautiful sunny day Hign up on the dunes with the lovely afternoon light, a few reflector were all we needed A three-course catered lunch? That's what i'm talking about Quickly before the sun sets!

As an extra bonus feature, here is a little video we made showing the rounds of creative we went through before we came up with the final campaign for our Erbitux client. Creative Director/Copywriter: Trip Hosmer, Art Director: Emily Anderson