BTS & Film Stills: Long in the Tooth, Japan

Konichiwa! Last time I went to Japan I was a ski bum, skiing in Hokkaido, flouting the rules, and being a young hooligan. A few weeks ago I returned to Japan, this time as a successful professional to direct another short documentary film for Philips. I took my amazing friend and DOP Patrick Jones, unfortunately he is 7ft tall [see photo] so was constantly hitting ceilings, doors and had to duck constantly. The footage didn’t suffer too much… It was a tough but ultimately rewarding shoot - we were tasked to film the teeth cleaning habits of residents that had dementia who lived in a wonderful care home nestled in the foothills of the mountains in the shadow of Mount Fuji. Arrigato to Ben Swinnerton, my long-suffering photographer, who let me steal these pics of myself from him.