I DRIVE4COPD video shoot

A few weeks ago Trip and I completed a really successful video and photo shoot with Danica Patrick, the first campaign ambassador for the massive DRIVE4COPD PR and advertising campaign to raise awareness of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. We shot in Arizona inside a crazy warehouse full of vintage cars. The car in the spot is a 1965 Chevy Impala, which came from L.A with 3 burly men escorting it.  One of who’s sole job was to polish it all day. Everything went really well until he shoved something in the exhaust pipe to make the smoke look cool, which resulted in the car refusing to work for 45 nerve-wracking minutes. The highlight of my trip however, was staying at a hotel with EIGHT swimming pools! Yeah you know I swam in all of them. Please check out (the website is awesome, well done team!), take the screener, and talk to your doctor (groan). :60 second PSA.

D4C_photo2 D4C_photo3D4C_photo4 D4C_photo5 Behind-the-scenes photos from the video shoot.