“I’m Danica Patrick and I DRIVE4COPD”

With one photographer pulling out on us last minute because he got a call to shoot the Obama family, we pulled together a really great photo shoot for the DRIVE4COPD campaign. We shot at the Phoenix International Speedway where Danica practices. I had the most awesome crew,  Jeff Lipsky shot the pics, Rick Floyd – the worlds greatest production designer – stepped in to make our large screech marks pinwheel made out of men’s organic hair dye*, and Jill Roth, our stylist who probably beat a record somewhere for how many bulldog clips you can use on one outfit. The final result premiered in the Sports Illustrated NASCAR special edition.*which unfortunately you can't actually see in the final version of the ad.

D4C_track1D4C_track2 D4C_track5 Behind the scenes at the photoshoot. D4Cspread DRIVE4COPD print PSA in the Sports Illustrated NASCAR special edition.