DRIVE4COPD coast-to-coast tour giveaways

I designed giveaways for the DRIVE4COPD coast-to-coast tour- my favorite being the toy car to match the racecars and RV’s. The life-size celebrity cutouts were a big hit, in particular the life-size Jim Belushi, who cost more than the others, as he wanted his arm sticking out. I didn’t like the idea at first, but now I think it was genius. The screen team in their uniforms, Hollywood, CA. I designed the shirts, hats, badges, and messenger bags.

Each celebrity drove a different route spreading the word about COPD.

Bruce Jenner and Jim Belushi with their cutouts.

Tiny USB stick. Great big campaign.

The hat, metal pin and toy car were campaign giveaways. [Thanks to all the photographers for the use of their pictures]