Anderson Family Olympics 2012

I learnt a new word today courtesy of the Sunday Times magazine, 'bleisure' - the art of mixing business and leisure, which as you, loyal reader know, I like to do. I'm now trying to make up a word that describes what it is like to go on an Anderson Family holiday. I'm from a big Army family, with lots of cousins, a few have done tours of Afghanistan, which makes my life seem a bit pathetic to be honest. I need a word that describes competitive holidaying. If it cannot be made into a competition, there is no place for it on an Anderson Family holiday. Ideas welcome. What? Your family doesn't take a trophy on holiday with them? Motivation apparel competition. Ali won. I stole it off him of course. Guns competition. I won.  Jumping competition. Charlotte won. Pizza making competition. I won. Sweetcorn name? Check. Olympic onion rings? Check. Professional shirt competition. Keegan won. Wine drinking competition. Grandma won that one.