Hello summer.

So the boss finally quit his job and as the little monkey on his back (his words), we are off together, more like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza than Batman and Robin, looking for Adventure and Great Riches (my words). Can anyone say ‘FUNEMPLOYMENT?!!!!!?!?!?!?’The boss says I am a terrible writer – he obviously hasn’t read this blog – so I thought I’d practice by spending a percentage of my unemployed day writing a diary. This hasn’t really worked out that well at all because after buying a one-way ticket to Montauk on the evening of my last day in the office  (Yabba Dabba Doooooooooo) I have spent every day sunbathing, surfing, shagging and sunset-sangria-sipping. I know people have written books about less exciting things, but I’m just not really into writing a diary so I gave up on that resolution. I am however taking a camera everywhere I go and will report back in September with a photo-diary tentatively titled ‘Emily’s guide to funemployment: How to sunbathe, surf, shag and sunset-sangria-sip your way through a summer in Montauk’. (Full disclosure: The shagging is on course to take up about 0.0000001% of the summer, slightly higher than the click-through rate of some web banners I recently completed.) Update: By the time I got off my sun longer to post this, I got a wonderful new job and am currently working remotely from the beach.