The (un)Usual Guide to Montauk

There's a local saying that, "they shook the tree and all the nuts rolled to Montauk." I guess that's how we ended up in this beautiful little "drinking village with a fishing problem" that we call home. But these days a lot of hype about the East end glosses over the down to earth vibe of the area, opting for features on trendy sunset cocktails and celebrity spottings. In the Montauk we know the best sunset cocktails are on our roof, or a bottle of wine on the beach. And the kind of sightings we opt for are deer as we get trudge through all the great outdoor activities the area has to offer. So for those who want more of an unusual adventure in and around Montauk, we've compiled a few favorite activities that will require little from your wallet, and offer a lot in return. And for more insider tips about the area check out our summer issue of The Usual, our love letter to Montauk.
See you on the beach!
xo, Emily and Yasha (The Usual)


1. The Walking Dunes
Located off the Napeague stretch, the dunes "walk" when strong winter winds cause them to move about three and a half feet each year, burying everything in their way as they do. Explore the wildlife, wetlands and variety of plant life, but stay close or on the trail to avoid further erosion. Running topless here is encouraged, not required.


2. The recently opened Amsterdam trail
Our favorite walking trail, this newly created path spans about three miles and offers awesome views of the ocean, the Warhol estate, Montauk Lighthouse and Block Island. Just don’t stray into the bushes and check yourself thoroughly for ticks when you get home. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve used the cheeky line on a hot hiker, "Come back to mine and I’ll check you for ticks."


3. Gin Beach
Located on the bay side at the end of Eastlake drive, this is a great beach for running or hanging out if you want to be low-key away from the masses. Take your own picnic and drinks as there are no shops around. If you’re feeling adventurous, walk the whole way around the coast to the lighthouse and hitch a ride back. It also buts up against the harbor entrance so you can watch the fishing boats come and go.


4. The Harbor
Montauk is nicknamed "The fishing capital of the world" for good reason. Anywhere that boasts such a title is sure to have it's harbor as the town's backbone. So when there's no surf we love hanging out here, chatting with the fisherman about the day's catch, taking photos, and reading all the quirky boat names like " One lonely winter we spent so much time down there, we created a definitive Montauk boat taxonomy.


5. Surfing or body surfing secret spots A lady never reveals her secrets. Call us.


6. The fishing jetty in Napeague bay
The most fun place to jump off things in Montauk. And we've only been arrested doing it once.