Who are you and what do you do around here?

A while ago I created a series of graphics for the company I work for. The playbook, given to all employees, was titled ‘Who are you and what do you do around here?’ It’s goal is to show how the company is evolving from PR to encompass booming social media, interactive and creative departments, and how, in turn, it affects everyone’s job descriptions.Using vector images in brand colors, I illustrated the statements ‘We are all creative,’ ‘We are all digital,’ ‘We are all interactive,’ and  ‘We are all collaborators.’ The funny thing was, I never thought these little graphics that would ever see the light of day. Turns out I was totally wrong; they were used in the playbook, the CEO’s presentation at this years creative conference, the company video (00:30) and now they’re plastered all over the walls of the office too.