The Usual X Metallica


Yasha and I recently had the opportuniy to collaborate with Metallica on a magazine for their Orion music festival. We created a behind-the-scenes look at the music and the “more” that folk will experience on Belle Isle, Detroit. On a very tight timeline we created 16 pages of amazing content- from interviews, to infographics, to illustrations, it all came together to create a collectible behind-the-scenes look at the performers, skaters, car builders, and zombie enthusiasts participating in the festival. From the press release: From a candid interview session with pro skater Tony Trujillo and Metallica member Robert Trujillo to James Hetfield’s advice to young musicians, this is a FREE one-of-a-kind commemorative piece you’ll definitely want to add to your collection. Check out shots of the magazine below, then download your own copy! Looking for the print version? Head over to your favorite bars, coffee shops and tattoo parlors around Detroit this week to snag one for yourself. Just be sure to share your find on social media! #orionfest Orion_frontcover

metallica_0005_Layer Comp 7 metallica_0004_Layer Comp 4 metallica_0003_Layer Comp 5 emily anderson the usual design metallica