miserable failure?

I have a Samuel Beckett quote pinned on the wall by my desk. It says ‘FAIL, FAIL AGAIN, FAIL BETTER.’ And boy, I LOVE a good failure. I did a program for a Metal Ball for Performa, a non-profit visual arts organization. It was screen-printed on shiny metallic paper and I knew it was going to be a disaster. I just knew it – there was no way the ink was going to stick to the surface, but they had this roll of the stuff they wanted using up and the printer was so mean and no help. Anyway, they made me do it. I did it and on the day of the event, when I went to pick the 500 that had been made, I realized that the printer had used talcum powder to separate the sheets so they did not stick together. There was white powder everywhere and not in the good way and when I took them to the event all the planners were screaming at me that my programs would ruin all the peoples nice outfits. Anyway half of them would not come apart and the ink was peeling off the other half. Disaster. I got really drunk and stole a big helium ‘E’ for Emily and made a dash for home.  performaprogramperformaprogram1