Don't get creepy in the Teepee

Yippee!!! Summer – and the debauchery it brings – have finally arrived in Montauk. I was asked by Robert McKinley, the talented guy behind the design of Ruschmeyer’s, to handpaint a warning in the Teepee on the back lawn of the hotel. Last year the poor Teepee was the site of some pretty gross happenings, so hopefully this sign will ward off drunk folks from getting too frisky in there. Good luck with that Robbie! We got a great reaction to the sign - 50 likes on instagram was pretty cool - so at the request of King+Grove I turned it into a graphic that could be used on apparel and also headphones, a joint venture with Sol Republic. Not sure that is happening now but the mockups were pretty cool!

Emily Anderson Ruschmeyer's Don't get creepy in the teepee