There's nothing awkward about our teenage years.

Unlike my teenage years, there is nothing awkward about the PR company Trip and I work for. They recently celebrated their 15th birthday and we did a pretty funny ad for them. Trip excelled himself by getting the words “mustache, bra, headgear, band camp and cafeteria” in one paragraph. I found the image on google and no matter how much stock I looked at, nothing was good as this picture, so I hunted down the guy that posted it and paid him to use it. He then blogged about our whole exchange word for word. (Read Crash Cromwell's blog here) I dodged a bullet because he copied my emails onto his blog that got google-alerted by our boss. LUCKILY I said only complimentary things about my place of work. I was not in charge of the mug, and yes, the colors are a little off, the headline isn’t over the photo like the ad, and the picture is on the back of the mug.