The Early Bird Catches The Sperm

B B_shootday2-1362.jpg

Karen and Neil have been dreaming of starting a family, and the time has finally come to fill the nest. But the truth is sometimes even Birds and Bees have trouble making babies -- 1 in 8 couples have difficulty conceiving… Our client EMD SERONO came to us to create a follow-up video for their successful Birds and Bees campaign, This video was going to live in the social media space rather than on the campaign website, so we decided on a comedy RnB music video would be much more fun and shareable. Shot over two days in Brooklyn, the cast included lots of mummy extras (including me but I got left on the cutting room floor as I didn’t look like an authentic ‘mum’,) dolls as babies, a dog, a few cute babies and three really annoying toddlers. Credits// Director: Isaac Rentz, DP: Aaron Phillips, Executive producer: Stephen Buchanan, Producer: Ashlea Hartz, Audio Producer: Drew Campbell, Production designer: Uriah Herr,  Editor: Mandy Brown, Creative directors: Trip Hosmer (who also wrote the song lyrics!), Scott Schindler, Art director: Emily Anderson

Kanye West is my inspiration for every project I do. No kidding, ask the boss. This is me in the denim. I got booted out of the crowd scene for not looking like a mum. Good. My crew. I was booted out of this photo for not adhering to the creative uniform...