I love my job so much. We just flew back to Phoenix, AZ, to reshoot Danica Patrick. It’s a long story that I’m probably better off not sharing but yours truly was not at fault. First time for everything.Martin Schoeller shot the pics, which has nearly made up for the fact that he ditched me last time in favor of shooting Obama. It was 90 degrees tech-scouting at the racetrack and we were disappointed to find a large safety fence had been constructed round the track, which spoiled the view a bit, and I was sweating balls in my art directors outfit of skintight  black clothing, but reminded myself that I was soon to be splashing around, pina colada in hand, in one of the hotels eight swimming pools. On the morning of the shoot Martin informed us that it was going to be a shitstorm - bless his german sense of humor – but there was actually a sandstorm on the way, and the wind would eventually cause a bit of havoc with the outdoor shots. I spent more of the day being a stand in model as Danica #2 than I did art directing the shoot. Speaking of Danica, we were wearing matching outfits when we turned up to the shoot and she consequently tweeted the pic and I had the ignominy of having to read comments about myself like “The look is similar, but I like so much the girl on the left of the pic...” and “I think you might have Her beat in the legs contest D...!!”.

I am the luckiest girl in the world to get such a wonderful crew to work with which included my favorite stylist Jill Roth and producer Darcy Diamond (Zephyr Photo Productions) who was resident DJ, suntan lotion applier, boots provider, sushi orderer and windblowing machine operator. I’ll post the new ad soon but in the meantime here are some pics from the shoot.