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Let’s Get Ready: Cinthia Ibarra

May 31, 2017

ABOUT THE FILM: The Ibarra family emigrated from Mexico in search of the American dream, but their daughter Cinthia soon realized that education would be her only ticket out of poverty. With help from Let’s Get Ready, an SAT prep program for low-income and first generation students, she sacrificed whatever was necessary in order to study—eventually winning a full scholarship to an Ivy League university.

THANKS: Written & Directed: Me / DP: Ty Haft / Produced by: Jon Gaynes / Edited: Ian Marks /Music: Sean Tucillo / Music by Epidemic Sound, Composed by Peter Sandberg / Client: Chemours / Agency: Ogilvy




IBM Watson X Alex Da Kid win at The One Show

May 30, 2017

Did I ever tell you that the song IBM Watson X Alex Da Kid created reached number one in the charts? Well, it did and the collaboration won a Bronze Pencil at The One Show for custom radio content. And somehow, most of the team have moved on, so yours truly was invited to accept the award onstage at Ciprianis, last week. Don’t believe me? Here’s some photographic evidence:

Teflon Reimagined

May 25, 2017

Last month my wildest dreams came true when I travelled to Italy to shoot a film with my favorite ex-boyfriend who is now a successful cinematographer. It was a blast, the snow was epic. I’ll update the post with the film as soon as it gets released on YouTube.

ABOUT THE FILM:  The outdoor industry recognizes that the environment is precious and needs to be protected. That’s why Chemours created Teflon EcoElite, the world’s first bio-based fabric protector. We spotlight Colmar, their first Teflon EcoElite customer, as they design and produce a collection using the new sustainable fabric. And of course, no film about skiwear would be complete without a trip to the mountains to test-drive the gear! Shot on location in Milan and Monterosa Ski Area, Italy.

THANKS: Written & Directed: Me / DP: Julian Rodrigues / Produced by: Jon Gaynes [US] Danielle Spaeda [ITALY] / Client: Chemours / Agency: Ogilvy



Free The Bid

May 17, 2017

Yeah women directors! My work and bio is on FREE THE BID, a pledge taken by ad agencies, production companies etc., to consider more female directors for projects. So like, hire me already. Check my page out HERE.


Ariel’s Music Story

May 15, 2017

I had a blast working with the Owens’ Sisters: Ariel, Marissa, and Jasmine. Some people say this is the best film I have directed so far. It’s certainly the weirdest. I cannot WAIT to be able to release this film on my website! Until then, you get some screenshots to whet your appetite.

ABOUT THE FILM:  Music has the power to transform lives. After an idyllic childhood in Hawaii, IHG employee Ariel Owens now lives in rural Kentucky with her two sisters.  The girls buy ukuleles to connect to their Hawaiian roots, and after an intense two-week learning period, perform in front of 400 kids at the local school.  The encore? Inspired by Ariel’s story, IHG donates ukuleles and guitars to the underfunded school – enough for the whole music class.

THANKS: Director: Me / DP: David Vollrath / Creative Director: Jim Thompson / Produced by: Jon Gaynes / Agency Producer: Alicia Zuluaga / Edited: Ian Marks /Music: Joanne Starling / Client: Chemours / Agency: Ogilvy


Summer Illustrations

May 10, 2017

Now I’m a super famous director, I don’t have time to spend hours creating watercolor illustrations. Sadly. So it was nice to find this series in my archives. The upstate dining experience was a huge hit [Note to self: post photos when I find them!] and I stayed up there for a while, hand-painting menus and signs.





China SkyClub Shoot

April 15, 2017

I shoot in some wacky locations. This week, however, I was up in the clouds, on the 89th floor of One World Trade. There will be a film about it coming soon-ish. In the meantime, here are some pics from the shoot and edit.

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Emily goes to MAKERS!

February 20, 2017

I was honored to have been a 2017 MAKERS Awardee and given the opportunity to participate in the MAKERS annual conference in L.A. a few weeks ago. MAKERS is a three day conference in a swanky hotel that brings together hundreds of trailblazing women to elevate the conversation, and explore solutions for issues ranging from violence against women to gender equality at work and in the world, navigating the current political and social environment, and overcoming adversity and achieving success.



The theme this year was #BEBOLD. Here are a few of my favorite moments and larger ideas that resonated with me, I hope you find some of this useful:

1. Be Courageous.

We’ve got two hands – one to battle and one to build
— Brittany Packnett, VP National Community Alliances of Teach for America

I was inspired by the stories about women who courageously overcame adversity and achieved success in their respective industries. It reminded me that taking action doesn’t just mean politically or socially, but constantly, throughout our lives and careers.

If an issue doesn’t impact you, find someone who it does impact and figure out a way to help them
— Smart person, I forgot which one

Only have a PLAN A. Put all your eggs in one basket
— Lilly Singh, YouTube star

Courage is something that you have to practice every day
— Smart person, I forgot who said this too

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Alex Da Kid + IBM Watson

December 25, 2016

I am very excited to show you the latest film I have been working on with the amazing IBM team from Ogilvy. IBM Watson and Grammy award-winning producer Alex Da Kid teamed up to create the world’s first cognitive song.


Make it Weird.

December 20, 2016

Yes my t-shirt says ‘Make it Weird’. I had a blast teaching a session at You Matter Day.